The value of the final project, or “Why can’t you just give all the RAWs?”

At Ridley Film we love providing our clients with the best quality content. Our footage is always HD, our photos are always High Resolution and we spend hours making sure your product is pitch-perfect. However, more often than not we get a request “Can we just have all the original videos and photos?”

So what are original/RAW files? It includes captured Videos, Sound, and Photos. At the end of a wedding/event with 2 videographers, we usually end up with 200+ video and audio files ranging from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. Our photographers end up with 1000+ photos. Terabytes of data! Then it’s our job to go into that pool of information and create a highlight video, teaser, movie, and final photos for you.

Now here is where our Videographers and Photographers split into two camps.




Some people say “We don’t give out RAW videos because they’re bad!” We disagree, our videos aren’t bad, they are just not meant for a public eye, yet. It is our job to watch back hours of your wedding/event from 2 or more cameras and choose how we’re going to tell your story or represent your brand. We handpick the best shots and compose them together.

If we send you the videos and audio in bulk it’s virtually unwatchable.

Our editing is a part of our process, our style, and our brand. That’s why you hired us in the first place, right?

Although we don’t offer ALL the RAW footage, we always try to capture the entire ceremony, speeches, and first dance to have those clips available upon request. We’re more than happy to put them together, merge with audio, and send them over to you. But like any editing, it takes time and we’d just charge you for the time we worked as well as the copyright!

Copyright? Well, yes, you’re requesting footage that is not polished and doesn’t represent our brand. So even if you share it on your social media, with family or a potential client – given you give us the credit – we’re now stuck with something that isn’t our style! Explaining and/or asking for RAW videos to be kept in private and not be shared gets a little tricky and can leave a bad taste in your mouth. We simply ask you to sign an NDA as you pay a one-time flat fee and you’re now in possession of the RAW files!





“Wow! These are great! Can I have all of them? Maybe I’ll use them later.” The simple answer is no. We’re not trying to be greedy and don’t hoard photos, but unlike videographers, our photos aren’t event meant to be shared!

There are two major kinds of photos, JPEGs, and RAWs. JPEGs can be found everywhere around you, on your social media, when you download a photo off the internet or add it to your Word document. RAWs on the other hand are what professional photographers work with. They may look flat, with dull colors, but in reality, they contain way more information, colors, highlights, shadows… And they can’t even be opened or viewed unless you have a professional software like Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity Photo, etc.

RAW photos are like choosing furniture and paint colors for your new apartment, you’ve got the freedom of doing whatever you want. JPEGs are like moving into a furnished apartment and you’re not allowed to replace anything and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Just like videographers, we work hard to choose the best shots and get rid of all the blurry, mid-blink, or mid-move shots.

Our editing and style are what represents our brand.

We always make sure that we choose the best shots and do all the hard decision-making for you so that you can enjoy the final product and share it with your family and friends for years to come!


The way we edit is an important part of our company, it includes finding the right shots, right angles, framing, colors, music, sound effects, transitions, motion graphics, special effects, speed control, and most importantly storytelling. You don’t stop building a house half-way and move in!




The final product represents us. We are proud to put our name on it.


It is our pleasure to deliver you the best video and photo products.

Ridley Film Team