Surviving COVID-19 Vancouver

A month or so ago if you walked around Downtown Vancouver, there was a good chance you would see a member of a film crew setting lights, a busy businessman running to a meeting, a bunch of tourists taking photos in the Colourful Alley and you were getting a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Now, the scene is different as the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the city to go empty.

Our team has been locked up at home and to be honest – stressed. Just like everyone else we were (and still are) unsure about what’s happening and when will this end. Still, being creators we are, we decided to capture the general mood our city is in.

Every evening at 7 PM Vancouver residents cheer for the healthcare workers that are risking their lives, working around the clock to help and save COVID-19 patients. We have made our way to St. Paul’s Hospital to capture what it’s like.

Ridley Film Team is genuinely grateful to all the essential workers and hopes that this little video will be a reminder to ourselves when everything goes back to normal of what it was like to live during a pandemic.